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    Custom Assemblies

    Our customer centric focus combines design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain optimization to save you time and money


    Customized Solutions

    We combine consultative design with mechanical and electrical engineering support to create custom product solutions for our customers. We can reverse engineer your challenging components to provide you with a reliable solution.


    Higher Order Assemblies/Sub Assemblies

    We are a strategic manufacturing partner who can simplify your production processes, so you can concentrate on your core business. We have the capability to design and supply complex sub-assemblies and complete assemblies. Besides supplying the individual component parts we are traditionally known for, such as bearings and drawer slides, we can also help you to custom design and manufacture complete product assemblies and sub-assemblies to save you additional time and money.

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    Save Time and Money

    Our customer centric model is focused on your production process so that is runs smoothly and at the best total procurement cost.

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