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    Why Us

    Our dedicated team supports all your engineering and manufacturing needs…start to finish.

    You can rely on Component Hardware Group for premium components engineering. By partnering with manufacturers, we bring together a vast catalog of parts, deep insights, and extensive skills to develop unique solutions. From streamlining your current production to new product ideation and creation, our innovative solutions will enhance your engineering capabilities while saving you time and money. No matter how complex the challenge might be, we will work with you to develop new concepts that can quickly move through your work cycle, utilizing rapid prototyping and a proven global supply chain. Contact us to identify potential solutions to the challenges that you are facing.

    Innovative Engineering

    Innovation is everything. As such, strategic planning is at the center of our production process and is grounded in thorough research and consultation. We study and evaluate your needs before we embark on the production journey to ensure that your end product will satisfy your unique requirements.


    Global Manufacturing

    After more than 41 years, we have garnered quite a reputation for manufacturing high-quality components. We have also developed an extensive network of global manufacturing partners and locations. That’s why our quality is recognized worldwide and our clients consider us one of their most valuable strategic supply partners.


    QA Lab & Team

    We understand that quality control affects all aspects of engineering, which, as a result, affects the operations of our clients. Through various quality control measures, our component manufacturing process adheres to established industry standards and exceeds your expectations.


    Supply Chain Optimization

    Time is of the essence. We get that. With the rising number of custom component hardware manufacturing enterprises turning to lean manufacturing, we understand the value and significance of having high-quality finished products on our shelves all the times.